Year round Christmas stores - a directory of stores selling gifts, decorations & more that are made in the USA.

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About Us

Christmas Gifts was launched in the late 90s before search engine results were as comprehensive as they are today. As time passed, the search engine results became so inclusive that it was fairly simple to refine your search to find almost anything.

And now — in 2014 — the search results are so excellent that they are overwhelming. It is our goal to sort through the internet for companies and merchants who offer extraordinary gift products made in the USA. We will be keeping the site smaller, so as not to become yet another directory of endless listings.

Within each category, you will find year round Christmas stores……the site name is seasonal, but the shopping is year round! Instead of searching the entire internet, click on a category and explore the collection of stores (with their descriptions) to easily find the perfect gift for any occasion.We appreciate and listen to feedback! Please contact us with any comments or suggestions.